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ÆSIR Accreditations

ÆSIR is accredited and listed with the following Canadian Federal Government procurement paths.

  • PS Online - For both IT and Non-IT services
  • PBN - Procurement Business Number
  • ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA)
  • SRI - Supplier Registration Information through Contracts Canada (GSIN Listings)
  • CISD - Enhanced Reliability Status
  • DOS - Designated Organization Screening
ÆSIR International Ltd. has had a long and successful relationship with many government agencies over the past eight years. As an Ottawa based CADD consulting and training firm, it is only natural that we have had frequent dealings with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) as well as the various Ministries and Departments, many of which are headquartered in Ottawa. In the past three years, the federal government and its ministries have accounted for not less than 48% of ÆSIR's annual gross revenues.

Because of this, ÆSIR has worked hard to make dealing with us as easy as possible for all of our government clients. This has included listings through several procurement channels such as PBN, SRI, PS Online and DOS and security clearances with CISD. Each of these is explained in greater detail below.

PBN: Procurement Business Number

ÆSIR International Ltd. is listed with Industry Canada as a federal incorporation, and has established a Procurement Business Number which is valid in all provinces. This number uniquely identifies us in the SRI and all other government systems. The PBN will eventually become the common identifier for all government purchasing and payment systems as government moves further towards electronic commerce.

ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA)

ÆSIR International Ltd. ÆSIR was awarded a ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA) by PWGSC which is in effect from June 2015 to April 2018. Under this SA, Government of Canada clients can contract with ÆSIR for a number of services without having to go through the tender process, so long as the total value of services is below the NAFTA threshold. For 2016 and 2017, this value is $89,600 USD annually (roughly $115,000 CDN). The ProServices streams and categories are the same as those offered via Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS, task portion only). ÆSIR's is pre-approved through ProServices SA number E60ZT-120001/901/ZT in Ontario and Quebec at Level 3 for the following list of services:

SRI: The Supplier Registration Information System

The SRI provides for on-line registration allowing government buyers to search for sources of supply for low dollar value opportunities not included in MERX and it can be accessed by all departments and agencies. ÆSIR has listed itself under 48 GSINs (commodities) ranging from CADD services to Training and Presentation services.

For a complete list of our commodities by GSIN, click here.

The following is a complete list of ÆSIR's current GSIN listings. If you believe that a particular category should be added or deleted from this list, please do not hesitate to contact us. Both the GSIN listings and our current capabilities are always changing and evolving.

C211DArchitect and Engineering Services - Buildings
C111AArchitect/Engineer Services - Administration & Service Buildings
C113AArchitect/Engineer Services - Educational Buildings
C115AArchitect/Engineer Services - Industrial Buildings
C116AArchitect/Engineer Services - Residential Buildings
C117AArchitect/Engineer Services - Warehouse Buildings
C212BArchitectural & Engineering CADD Services
C129AArchitectural & Engineering Services - Other Non-Building Structures
C121AArchitectural & Engineering Services - Restoration/Conservation Heritage Building Structures
B208AArea Resource Development (Regional Planning)
U099ABusiness Training
C211FCADD Drafting and Technical Services - Building Systems
R004ACertifications and Accreditations For Products and Institutions Other Than Educational Institutions
D313AComputer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services
N7030AEAComputer Software, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Mfg/ Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CIM) - Microcomputers Only
N7030398Computer Software, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Mfg/ Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CIM) - Other Than Microcomputers
R019BBConsulting Services (Electronic)
R019BAConsulting Services, Electrical
C211ABDesign and Drafting Services - Scientific
C211CDesign and Drafting Services Inhouse
C211ADrafting and Design Services
N6675ACDrafting System, Computer Aided
N7650Drawings and Specifications
C211DAInterior Design Services Including Functional Programming
C211ELandscape Architecture Services
U004AManagement Training
U099QMarketing Training Courses
M191AMuseum and Exhibition Building
M181AOperation and Maintenance Services of a Technical/Scientific Facility
M119AOperation of a Government Service Program
C219DOther Architectural and Engineering Services - Real Property
B219AOther Engineering Studies
M290BParking Facilities
U001FPresentation Skills Training Courses
C215AProduction Engineering Services - Real Property
M130AProperty Management - Educational Buildings
M140AProperty Management - Hospital Buildings
M150AProperty Management - Industrial Buildings
M290AProperty Management - Non-Building Facilities
M110AProperty Management - Office Space/Administrative Buildings
M180AProperty Management - Research and Development Facilities
M160AProperty Management - Residential Buildings
M170AProperty Management - Warehouse Buildings
R019BETechnical Services (Electro-Mechanical)
R019BDTechnical Services (Electronic)
U006CTechnical/Vocational Training
U008CTraining Design

PS Online: Professional Services Online

Professional Services Online is an electronic procurement tool that assists federal departments in the procurement of professional services for contracts in amounts below the NAFTA threshold. Government departments can use this interactive website to search for suppliers of professional services. No MERX posting or lengthy RFP process is required to use PS Online listed companies. ÆSIR has recently been accepted into PS Online in many of both the IT and Non-IT categories. The five general PS Online categories for which ÆSIR has been listed are: IT Technical Writer, Technology Operator, Courseware Developer, Instructor, Training and Development Specialist.

CISD - DOS: Canadian Industrial Security Directorate - Designated Organisation Screening

ÆSIR has successfully applied for and been granted Designated Organisation Screening (DOS) status with the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) branch of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). As a result, all ÆSIR employees now carry Enhanced Reliability clearances or better. Furthermore, ÆSIR may process additional clearances for any further required staff hired to complete a specific long-term project with any of our clients.

NCA-Ops Block Symbol Library:

ÆSIR has recently co-authored the NCA-Ops (National Capital Area-Operations) Block Symbol Library for PWGSC. We are very proud of our involvement in this project. To find out more, go to our Portfolio page, or link directly to the PWGSC CADD Standards web page.